How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio Using Linktree

Instagram bio links
Instagram bio links

Instagram recently introduced link stickers, allowing you to share a URL directly on your Stories. But when it comes to adding multiple links to your Instagram bio, you’re still limited to one. That’s where Linktree comes in. If you’re looking to drive traffic from Instagram to your other sites and pages, Linktree is the perfect solution that lets you transform your plain-text Instagram bio into a menu full of clickable links.

In this article, we’ll explain why and how you should use Linktree on Instagram to add multiple links to your bio. We’ll cover:

  • The benefits of adding multiple links to your Instagram bio
  • How to create a Linktree account and set up your link menu
  • Optimizing your Instagram bio with Linktree
  • Driving traffic to your Linktree from Instagram
  • Troubleshooting link issues
  • Analyzing your Linktree link clicks

The Benefits of Adding Multiple Links to Your Instagram Bio

  • More website traffic: With Linktree, you can pack your Instagram bio with links to all your websites, online stores, blog posts, YouTube videos, and more. Every new link is an opportunity to drive more traffic to your content.
  • Promote what matters: A Linktree menu allows you to promote your most important links front and center in your Instagram bio, ensuring your audience sees them.
  • Cleaner Instagram aesthetic: Linktree pulls all your links off of your Instagram posts and condenses them into one neat landing page connected to your bio. Your grid stays clean while your links stay accessible.
  • Linktree is customizable: You can customize the design of your Linktree link menu with colors, logos, and more to match your brand.
  • Easy to update and manage: Adding new links or changing existing ones on your Linktree menu takes just a few clicks, with no need to edit old Instagram posts.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to set up…

How to Create Your Linktree Account

Getting set up with Linktree takes just a few minutes. Here are the quick steps to create your Linktree account:

  1. Go to and click “Get Started For Free”
  2. Enter your email address and choose a password
  3. Select whether you’d like to create your Linktree menu as a User or Creator account
  4. Personalize your profile by adding a name, profile image, and description

Once your account is created, you’ll be taken to your Dashboard where you can fully customize your link menu.

How to Set Up Your Linktree Menu

When you first land on your Linktree Dashboard, you’ll see a template link menu already populated with mock links and posts.

Here’s how to set up your link menu from scratch:

  1. Delete any demo links you don’t need by hovering over them and clicking the trash can icon.
  2. Click the large pink “+ Add new link” button to add links to your menu.
  3. Give each link a title and paste it into the associated URL. You can organize links into categories too.
  4. Re-arrange the order of your links by dragging and dropping them into place. Put your most important links on top.
  5. Make your menu visually appealing by customizing the theme’s layout, colors, fonts, and adding your logo.
  6. Click “Save menu” anytime you make changes.

Once your links are looking good, it’s time to connect your Linktree menu to your Instagram bio…

Optimizing Your Instagram Bio with Linktree

With your Linktree account set up and the link menu designed, connecting your Linktree to Instagram is fast and simple.

Here are tips for updating your Instagram bio with your Linktree link:

  1. Remove any non-relevant hashtags or text from your Instagram first so it’s clean and concise.
  2. Copy your unique Linktree URL from your Dashboard. It will start with
  3. Paste your Linktree link into your Instagram bio, either on its own line or at the end of your existing bio text.
  4. Add a call-to-action encouraging people to click your Linktree link, like “Check out my links!” or “Tap for more”.
  5. Double-check that your Linktree link works from your actual Instagram profile and takes people to your link menu.

That’s all it takes to connect your Linktree to your Instagram bio. But just adding the link isn’t enough—you need to drive traffic there.

Driving Traffic to Your Linktree from Instagram

You’ve put effort into building an awesome Linktree landing page packed with useful links. Now’s the time to leverage your Instagram platform to send followers there.

Here are proven Instagram marketing tactics for promoting your Linktree menu:

1. Link to your Linktree in posts

Frequently add your Linktree url to relevant Instagram posts using the link sticker feature in Stories or for feed posts. Remind viewers often about your clickable bio link.

2. Run an Instagram Linktree contest

Boost traffic to your Linktree menu with a creative Instagram giveaway. Ask followers to click your bio link as one of the entry steps.

3. Hashtag your Linktree username

Include your unique Linktree username in some Instagram hashtags (like to increase discoverability and direct searches to your link menu.

4. Promote your Linktree in Instagram Reels

Produce fun or informative Reels educating viewers about Linktree and how it lets them access all your links in one place from your Instagram bio.

5. Add a Linktree link preview

Leverage Linktree’s free link previews that display a headline, description, and thumbnail image for your link menu when shared on Instagram.

6. Collaborate on Instagram to cross-promote Linktrees

Team up with another brand to post about each other’s Linktrees on Instagram, allowing you to tap into a new audience. By actively promoting your Linktree menu on Instagram, you’ll see your bio link clicks and website traffic numbers grow steadily.

7. Troubleshooting Linktree Issues

Like any new social media tool, you might encounter a few hiccups with Linktree at first. Here are some common Linktree troubleshooting questions from Instagram users:

Why aren’t my Instagram bio Linktree links clickable?

This is typically an issue with how you’ve formatted your bio link. Double-check that your full Linktree URL is on its own line, without random spaces or periods that could break the link.

Why aren’t my Instagram followers seeing my Linktree link?

It may be that your Linktree URL is buried deep in a long wordy bio. Try moving it to the top line of your bio so it’s visible immediately.

Can you see who clicked on your Instagram Linktree menu?

Yes! Your Linktree Dashboard shows you real-time analytics on the unique clicks your bio link is getting and which destination links are being clicked.

Why aren’t my Instagram link stickers working?

If your Instagram links aren’t clickable, log out and back into your account. Also, try toggling your account to personal and back to business profile type.

Still, having issues? Reach out to Linktree’s customer support agents via live chat who can help troubleshoot further.

Analyzing Your Linktree Link Clicks

The best part about Linktree? Being able to see exactly how many clicks your Instagram bio links are driving—and track where those clicks are going. Within your Linktree Dashboard, you get insightful analytics showing total clicks on your entire menu as well as on each link.

Key stats provided include:

  • Traffic sources (which social platforms viewers are coming from)
  • Geographic locations of link clickers
  • Click traffic breakdown by days and hours
  • Top performing links
  • Recent link activity

Monitoring your Linktree analytics lets you see which links are resonating best with your Instagram audience. You can then double down on promoting top links or swap out underperforming ones.

Over time, you’ll optimize your Linktree menu into a high-converting link bank that turns your Instagram bio into a hub for driving website traffic exactly where you want it to go.

Transform Your Instagram Bio with Multiple Clickable Links

While Instagram still limits users to one live link in their profile bio, Linktree offers the ultimate workaround to pack your bio full of tapable links instead. If you’re looking to drive traffic from Instagram to your content across the web, there’s no better tool than Linktree for condensing all your links into one ultra-shareable landing page.

Simply create your customized Linktree menu, drop your unique profile link into your Instagram bio, and watch your website and content traffic surge. It’s the easiest way to get followers clicking from Instagram straight through to all your best stuff.

Over to you! Have you tried adding multiple links to your Instagram bio with Linktree before? What key links would you feature? Let us know how it goes for you!

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