WhatsApp Wizardry: 7 Secret Features You’re Missing Out On


WhatsApp has become the No 1 messaging app worldwide, with over 2 billion users. Beyond basic chatting, WhatsApp packs many hidden features most people don’t know about.

Unlock advanced capabilities in WhatsApp by mastering these 7 secret features. Become a WhatsApp power user today!

1. Lock WhatsApp with Fingerprint or Face ID

Want an extra layer of privacy? You can lock WhatsApp on your phone so only your biometrics can open it up.

On iOS, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy and enable Touch ID or Face ID. Android users can go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy and turn on Unlock with a fingerprint.

Now your private chats and media stay secure even if your phone lands in the wrong hands. This also hides message previews and mute statuses from the lock screen.

2. Share Your Real-Time Location

Instead of typing out your location or address, you can share your real-time location directly in any chat.

Just tap Attach > Location and choose to share your live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. The recipient can open the location link you send to track your movement during that time.

It’s handy for meetups, picking someone up from the airport, or any situation where live location sharing would be useful.

3. Mark Chats as Unread

Accidentally opened a chat you wanted to reply to later? Long press the chat and tap the “Unread chat” option in the menu. This marks it with a bold unread dot so you don’t forget.

On iOS, swipe left on the chat from the main screen and tap “Unread.” On Android, long press the chat and choose “Mark as unread.”

Use this to bookmark important unread chats so they stand out in your inbox.

4. Pin 3 Chats or Groups to the Top

Pin up to 3 priority chats or groups to the top of your WhatsApp window for quick access.

On Android, long press the chat and tap the pin icon. On iOS, swipe left on the chat and hit the pin.

The pinned chats will now be pinned to the top of your chat list. You can unpin them anytime by repeating the steps.

5. Text Yourself for Note Taking

Start a chat with your own number to create a personal note space in WhatsApp. Any text, media, or documents you send will be visible only to you.

Tap the new chat button and enter your 10 digit phone number. Name the chat something like “My Notes” so it’s easily identifiable.

Now use this chat freely to store notes, reminders, files and anything else you want quick access to within WhatsApp.

6. Customize Chat Wallpaper

You can set a custom wallpaper for individual chats or groups for a more personalized look.

On Android, tap the three dots in the chat > More > Wallpaper. On iOS, tap the name/photo at the top and choose Wallpaper & Sound.

Pick from WhatsApp’s default backgrounds or choose a photo from your camera roll. The wallpaper you set will be visible whenever you open that specific chat.

7. Email a Chat Conversation

Need an official record of a WhatsApp conversation? You can email the entire back-and-forth as a PDF.

On Android, tap More > More > Email chat. On iOS, tap Contact name > Export Chat.

Select the chat range you want to export. The chat will get emailed as an attachment you can forward or download for your records.

WhatsApp has even more advanced tips and tricks hidden up its sleeves, like searching messages, quoting replies, and more. But these 7 are some of the most unique, useful, yet relatively unknown features.

Final Verdict

So tap into the full potential of WhatsApp by enabling fingerprint lock, location sharing, unread markings, pinned chats, self notes, custom backgrounds and chat emailing. Become an expert user with these handy WhatsApp wizard powers! Let us know in the comments if you discover any other “hidden” features we should try in WhatsApp. These secret hacks make chatting faster, smarter and more fun.

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