ChatGPT Not Working? How to Revive Your Favorite AI Chatbot on Chrome?


ChatGPT has become an internet sensation, with millions relying on the AI chatbot for everything from coding help to essay writing. But sometimes webchatgpt not working on Chrome, leaving you without your new favorite AI assistant.

If ChatGPT isn’t responding or gets stuck “Thinking” on Chrome, don’t panic. In this guide, we’ll cover the top techniques to get ChatGPT working again on Chrome, so you can continue enjoying seamless conversations with this remarkable AI.

Why ChatGPT Stops Working on Chrome

Before we fix ChatGPT on Chrome, let’s understand what causes it to malfunction in the first place:

  • High traffic volumes: As ChatGPT’s popularity exploded, Anthropic’s servers were flooded with requests. This can cause slowness or failed connections.


  • Connectivity issues: Unstable internet or weak WiFi prevents Chrome from reaching Anthropic’s servers. This cuts off access to ChatGPT.
  • Browser problems: Extensions, corrupted files or performance issues with Chrome itself might break ChatGPT functionality.
  • ChatGPT limitations: The AI still has some technical constraints around conversation length, banned content, etc. This can trigger failures.
  • Anthropic server outages: Servers go down for maintenance or upgrades, leaving ChatGPT inaccessible until it’s back up.

Now let’s get into the fixes to try when ChatGPT stops working on your Chrome browser.

1. Check ChatGPT Server Status

First, visit the ChatGPT status page and see if Anthropic has reported any ongoing outages or disruptions. If the servers are down for maintenance, you’ll have to wait until services are restored to use ChatGPT again.

The status page also shows if any regions are experiencing issues. Use a VPN to route your traffic through an unaffected region as a temporary workaround.

2. Reboot Your WiFi Router and Modem

Connectivity issues are a common culprit of ChatGPT failures. The simple act of turning your WiFi router and cable modem off and back on can work wonders.

Unplug the power cables of both devices, wait 30 seconds, then reconnect the power. This cycles the devices, resets connections, and re-establishes the data link to Anthropic’s servers.

Also, move your computer closer to the router for a stronger WiFi signal. Disconnect other devices to maximize available bandwidth.

3. Reset Chrome to Default Settings

Corrupted data or buggy extensions in Chrome can interfere with ChatGPT. Resetting Chrome to factory settings wipes the slate clean for a fresh start.

On Windows or Mac, click the three vertical dots in Chrome > Help > Reset settings. Click “Restore settings to their original defaults” and restart Chrome.

On iPhone or Android, tap the three dots > Settings > General > Reset settings. Choose “Reset” and relaunch Chrome.

4. Use Incognito Mode in Chrome

Incognito Mode disables all third-party Chrome extensions, which could be glitching out ChatGPT communications. It’s a quick way to isolate the problem.

Open a new incognito window in Chrome using Ctrl+Shift+N on PC or by tapping the three dots. Open here. If ChatGPT works in incognito mode, an extension is causing issues.

5. Disable Problematic Chrome Extensions

If ChatGPT stopped working after installing a new extension, that extension is likely the issue. Try disabling unnecessary extensions one by one by clicking the puzzle icon in Chrome and turning them off.

Specifically, look for any VPN, ad blocker, privacy or security extensions that might block access to Anthropic’s servers. After turning off an extension, test if ChatGPT starts working again.

6. Clear Cookies and Cache in Chrome

Outdated cookies and corrupt cached files can also disrupt access to ChatGPT. Wiping this temporary data forces Chrome to re-establish a clean connection.

Click the three dots > Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data. Choose “All time, “check cookies, and cached images/files. Finally, click “Clear data” and relaunch Chrome.

7. Try Using ChatGPT on Another Browser

If you still can’t get ChatGPT working in Chrome, try using a different web browser like Firefox or Edge as a comparison. If ChatGPT works normally there, something is wrong with Chrome, specifically on your device.

You can import bookmarks and settings into other browsers to easily switch from Chrome. Uninstall and reinstall Chrome as a last resort to fix any buried issues.

8. Close Excess Tabs and Programs

Chrome slowing to a crawl can keep ChatGPT from functioning. Give Chrome some breathing room by closing redundant tabs and any processor-intensive programs running in the background.

Keep just one or two tabs open while troubleshooting ChatGPT. Also, pause hardware-taxing apps like video editors when chatting with the AI. Quitting unnecessary apps frees up more computing power for a smooth ChatGPT experience.

9. Update Your Chrome Browser

Make sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome by clicking the three dots > Help > About Google Chrome. If an update is available, click “Update Google Chrome” to download it.

Updates often include critical bug fixes and performance enhancements needed to run ChatGPT properly. An outdated Chrome version could be the reason the AI isn’t working.

10. Use ChatGPT Website on Your Phone

As a last resort, attempt accessing from your smartphone’s Chrome app or another browser like Safari. This shifts the troubleshooting to a completely different device and internet connection.

If ChatGPT works fine on your phone, the problem lies with your desktop device. But if it fails on your phone too, the overall network, Anthropic servers, or your account could be culprits instead.


In summary, issues like server outages, WiFi disconnects, or Chrome-specific bugs are usually behind ChatGPT malfunctioning. But with the right fixes, like clearing caches, disabling extensions, switching browsers or upgrading Chrome, you can get your favorite AI assistant back in working order.

The next time ChatGPT goes down, don’t lose hope. Run through these troubleshooting tips to revive the bot and keep the conversation flowing. Let us know in the comments if any other tricks worked to unfreeze your frozen ChatGPT on Chrome!

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