Stuck with WEBP Files? Here’s How to Change Them to JPG or PNG on Android


You may have recently come across WEBP images on your Android phone and wondered why you can’t open or edit them like normal JPG or PNG files. WEBP is a newer image format that is sometimes used online and in apps because it can compress file sizes well. But if you want to convert WEBP images to more common formats for easier viewing and editing, it just takes a few simple steps.

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What is WEBP and Why Convert to JPG or PNG?

WEBP is an image format that was developed by Google back in 2010. It uses both lossy and lossless compression techniques to reduce image file sizes significantly compared to formats like JPG and PNG. The downside is that WEBP is not supported by all applications and operating systems yet.

You may want to convert your Android phone’s WEBP images to JPG or PNG for several reasons:

  • Compatibility: Most image viewers, editors, and other apps don’t support WEBP. Converting to JPG or PNG lets you open and edit the images in more software.
  • Sharing: If you want to post or share the images online, JPG and PNG have wider support across websites and social media.
  • Print: To print images at home or through a print service, standard formats like JPG and PNG are required.
  • Storage: JPG and PNG will take up more space, but may be preferable for storing image archives long-term since WEBP support could change.

Steps to Convert WEBP Images on Android

Luckily, there are straightforward ways to convert WEBP to PNG or JPG directly on your Android device using free apps. Here are the basic steps:

1. Download a WEBP Converter App

Search the Google Play Store for “WEBP converter” and choose one of the many free apps like WEBP Converter, WEBP to PNG Converter, WEBP to JPG Converter, etc. Install the chosen app on your device.

2. Select WEBP Images to Convert

Open the WEBP converter app and browse your Android’s image gallery to select the WEBP files you want to convert. You can usually select single images or multiple images at once.

3. Choose the Output Format

The app will let you choose between converting the WEBP images to PNG or JPG output. Pick whichever format you prefer based on your intended use for the images.

4. Adjust Output Settings (Optional)

Some converter apps provide options to modify the resolution, quality, and compression level of the output JPG or PNG files. Use these settings to optimize file size and quality if desired.

5. Convert the WEBP Images

Hit the convert or apply button in the app to start the WEBP to PNG or JPG conversion process. The app will save the new file format versions to your device storage.

6. Find and Use the Converted Images

Once finished, you can access the JPG or PNG versions of your images from the same source folder. Now you can view, edit and share the images in any app!

Tips for Converting WEBP to PNG or JPG

Here are some useful tips to follow when using a WEBP converter app on your Android:

  • Check app reviews and choose one that is reliable, frequently updated, and easy to use.
  • Stick to basic edits and compression levels to avoid degrading image quality during conversion.
  • Keep the original WEBP files in case you ever do need that smaller file size.
  • Use JPG for photos and PNG for images with text/line art for best results.
  • Try compressing overly large PNG files to cut size while maintaining transparency.
  • Batch convert lots of images at once rather than one at a time to save time.
  • Remember where your converted files are saved so you can find them easily.
  • Try sending a test image to yourself before sharing converted images to check compatibility.

The Bottom Line

With the right app or online converter tool, switching your Android device’s WEBP image files over to JPG or PNG is quick and painless. No more struggling to view and use those website or app images saved in the WEBP format. Give one of these handy WEBP converters a try next time you need to change WEBP images to standard JPEG or PNG files.

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