WhatsApp Unveils New 60-Second Instant Video Messaging Feature


WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature that allows users to record and send 60-second instant video messages, making visual communication easier than ever on the platform. Read on to learn how the new WhatsApp video messaging tool works and how it can enhance your messaging experience.

Introducing 60-Second WhatsApp Videos

The world’s most popular chat app has introduced the ability to record and send 1-minute video messages to contacts without shooting an entire video. With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is taking visual communication up a notch with quick video messaging. This new WhatsApp feature lets you capture a moment on the fly or briefly share your surroundings without having to type long messages or capture a lengthier video.

According to WhatsApp, the 1-minute limit allows you to share key visuals or information easily while reducing data usage and upload time compared to longer form video.

WhatsApp Spokesperson on Video Messaging Feature

We’re excited to introduce a new way for people to communicate on WhatsApp with these short-form videos

How to Send 60-Second Videos on WhatsApp

How can you start using this fun new WhatsApp video messaging feature? Sending an instant WhatsApp video is easy:

Open Your Chat

Open the WhatsApp chat with the contact to whom you want to send the quick video.

Tap the Attachment Button

Tap the paperclip attachment button at the bottom left of your chat screen.

Select the Video Camera Icon

This will open your phone’s camera viewfinder, where you can record a 60-second video by tapping and holding the red button.

Review and Send the Video

Once recorded, you can review your video, then hit send to instantly share the 60-second visual message on WhatsApp.

And that’s all there is to it! Whether you’re using WhatsApp Web on a desktop or a mobile app, the process is the same.

Key Uses for WhatsApp 60-Second Videos

With this new functionality, WhatsApp aims to make visual communication quick, easy and fun. Here are some great ways to use 60-second videos in your chats:

Share Moments Instantly

Capture and share funny moments, reactions, or what you’re seeing around you via quick video without having to open your camera app.

Give Mini Tours

Show your contacts short live tours of your home, vacation spot, event venue, or a cool location using the 60-second videos.

Share Cooking Clips

Food bloggers or home cooks can share key steps of recipes or meals they’ve made using short WhatsApp video clips.

Unbox Products

Use the quick video messaging tool to give mini unboxing reveals of new products and purchases.

Create DIY Tutorials

Share quick DIY craft tutorials by capturing each step in 60-second or shorter video segments.

Show Outfits

Thinking of what to wear? Get quick opinions from friends by showing outfit options in WhatsApp video messages.

Share News Quickly

On the scene of breaking news? Share quick video updates from key events as they unfold using the 1-minute videos.

Teach Mini Lessons

Educators can record and send 60-second micro-lessons on key concepts to engage students on WhatsApp.

Tips for Creating Great WhatsApp Videos

Follow these handy tips to make the most of the new WhatsApp feature:

Keep it Steady

Use a tripod or lean your phone against something to keep shots from being shaky or blurry.

Find Good Lighting

Make sure you have ample lighting so the subject is clearly visible, especially if shooting indoors.

Frame Shots Well

Position the camera to capture the subject effectively. Use landscape orientation for wider scenes.

Add Visual Interest

Include interesting backgrounds, angles, props or effects to make ordinary videos more engaging.

Stay Concise

Stick to key moments or steps, so you share useful visuals within the 60-second limit.

Review Before Sending

Watch your video and retake it before hitting send to ensure you convey the right content.

Use Creative Effects

Leverage WhatsApp’s drawing tools, stickers and filters to make videos fun and personalized.

“I love how quick and easy it is to capture funny or memorable moments using WhatsApp’s new 1-minute videos to share with friends.”

WhatsApp Web Video Chat Updates

Along with standalone videos, WhatsApp has also enhanced the video calling experience on WhatsApp Web desktop:

Bigger Video Layout

Video call windows are now larger on WhatsApp desktop so you can see people more clearly.

Adjust Call Windows

Freely resize your video call windows or pop them out for a more flexible experience.

Seamless Chat Switching

Easily switch from an ongoing video call on WhatsApp Web App to normal chats and back again.

No Installing Required

There’s no need to install external software to make or receive WhatsApp video calls right from the browser.


WhatsApp’s 60-second video messaging and enhanced browser calling features provide more dynamic ways to stay visually connected with your contacts. Whether you want to share a funny moment, give a quick tour, or bring your chats to life, 1-minute videos make visual communication instant and fun. With more flexible video calling on desktop, WhatsApp continues to evolve into an indispensable messaging and communication platform.

So start firing up those creative short videos today to connect with friends and family on WhatsApp in a whole new way!

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