What Does It Mean When Someone Says “Link In Bio” on Instagram?

Link In Bio
Link In Bio

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. With its focus on visual content, Instagram is the perfect place for influencers, businesses, and creators to build a following and drive traffic to their websites or online stores.

One very common phrase you may see on Instagram bios is “link in bio.” But what exactly does this mean and why do people put it? Here’s a breakdown of what “link in bio” means on Instagram, why it’s used, and tips for using it effectively.

What is a Bio on Instagram?

First, let’s cover the basics. The bio on Instagram is the small area under a user’s username where they can share a brief description about themselves or their brand.

Bios have a 150-character limit, allowing for only a sentence or two. But they are valuable real estate for conveying the core focus of an account and directing users where to go for more.

What is Linking?

Linking on Instagram refers to including a clickable URL link in the bio or in posts/stories that leads users to another website or online content. Since Instagram posts and captions themselves cannot contain active hyperlinks, including an external link in the bio becomes crucial for driving traffic outside the app.

Why Do People Put “Link In Bio” on Instagram?

So why add “link in bio” specifically to point followers there? Because Instagram only allows one clickable link in a user’s bio. This means it’s not possible to list multiple URLs or link out to other sites from each post.

The bio link is a user’s single chance on their main profile to redirect their audience elsewhere online. Thus, saying “link in bio” has become shorthand to cue followers to go to the bio for more information, shopping links, blog content, etc.

Essentially, “link in bio” translates to “go to my Instagram bio where you’ll find a link to extended content.”

Where is The Link In Bio on Instagram?

Wondering how to find the link when someone prompts you to go to their bio? It’s easy to locate.

On the Instagram app, navigate to the user’s profile and click on their bio underneath their username. If they have included an active link, it will appear as blue, underlined text that you can click on.

This will open the linked web page in a mobile browser (or within the app if the destination is Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

On the Instagram desktop site, the bio link will be displayed in the bio section under the user’s profile image and buttons. Look for the clickable blue link text to access the external destination.

Types of Links Added to Instagram Bios

There are no restrictions on what types of websites users can link to from their Instagram bio. You’ll see various destinations, from blogs to online stores to landing pages. Here are some of the most common:

  • Blogs – A blog is one of the most popular destinations to link from an Instagram bio. Blogging allows creators to share longer-form content, how-tos, stories etc. that complement their Instagram presence.
  • Online stores/Shops – For sellers, artists, fashion brands and other merchants, linking to an online shop or sales page allows Instagram followers seamless access to purchasing featured products. This turns Instagram into a driver of sales.
  • Landing pages/Email list signups – Landing pages, often optimized around one specific offer or signup form, are commonly linked in bios as well. These let users turn Instagram followers into email subscribers, event registrants etc.
  • Linktrees or Link-In-Bios – To work around the single link limitation, social media management tools like Linktree allow users to create an index page with multiple clickable links. So the Instagram bio itself points to the Linktree linking to external sites.
  • Patreon, OnlyFans, Cameo, etc. – Creators often link third-party platforms like Patreon for exclusive content or OnlyFans and Cameo for paid offerings supporters can access.
  • YouTube, Spotify, Podcasts – For video creators, musicians etc. driving followers to other social profiles like YouTube and streaming channels is a top priority. The Instagram bio can provide that launchpad.

Tips for Using Your Link In Bio Effectively

If you want to maximize traffic from Instagram to an external site, keep these tips in mind:

  • Place it front and center in your bio – Put your “link in bio” call-to-action at the very beginning of your bio text to ensure users see it. You can elaborate more on who you are/what you do after.
  • Refresh link text frequently – Update the visible anchor text linking out regularly with relevant keywords and current offerings so followers always have something new to entice them to click.
  • Promote it consistently in posts/stories – Remind users in your captions and stories to check the link in your bio to check out products, blogs, events, etc. The harder you promote it, the more clicks you’ll drive.
  • Use UTM tracking parameters – Append UTM codes to your link to track traffic sources and analytics from Instagram referrals specifically. This helps you optimize your account and link promotions.
  • Make sure the link is clickable on mobile AND desktop – Test that your bio link works on both mobile and desktop interfaces. Update the URL if needed to redirect properly on all devices.

Saying “link in bio” on Instagram makes perfect sense once you realize it offers that singular bridge between Instagram’s walled garden and the open web. Use this bridge strategically, and you can channel your growing Instagram audience into website traffic, email subscribers, online sales, and more.

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