Top Android Apps to Change Background of Photo to White


Taking photos with clean, distraction-free white backgrounds gives them a professional, polished look. But real-world shots rarely have perfectly white backdrops. Fortunately, Android apps make it easy to swap out messy backgrounds for crisp white ones with just a few taps.

In this article, we cover the best Android apps to remove photo backgrounds and change them to pristine white. These tools provide quick editing options to whitewash distracting backdrops. Read on to find the perfect app to transform your mobile shots!

Benefits of Changing Photo Backgrounds to White

Here’s why changing backgrounds to white improves mobile photos:

Removes Visual Clutter

White backgrounds declutter photos by erasing messy, distracting environments. This forces focus onto the main subject.

Enhances Subject Prominence

With no competing elements, the subject stands out more against a white backdrop. White draws attention to the main photo content.

Mimics Studio Shoots

The clean white look simulates studio-style product or portrait shots, lending a professional feel.

Boosts Brightness

White backgrounds inherently brighten up images compared to darker backdrops. This livens up the photo’s look.

Ideal for Editing

The white canvas provides a perfect starting point for further photo edits like overlays, text, and effects.

Simplifies Sharing

Visual noise removed by white backgrounds streamlines photos for cleaner social sharing.

Top 5 Android Apps to Whiten Photo Backgrounds

Here are the best Android apps to remove photo backgrounds and change them to white:

1. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom provides advanced cutout tools to instantly change backgrounds to white. Just mark the photo foreground and background. The app auto eliminates and fills with white.


2. uses AI to smartly detect foreground objects and remove backgrounds with a single tap. Changing to white takes one more click.


3. Background Eraser

This aptly named app erases photo backgrounds with an intuitive brush. Change to white by selecting the color before erasing.

![Background Eraser](

4. PotraitPro

PotraitPro separates subjects from backgrounds using AI. The Magic Brush lets you easily replace any backdrop with white.


5. Snapseed

Snapseed’s Healing tool lets you paint over backgrounds to remove color. Replace with white using the Color Splash filter.


How to Change Photo Backgrounds to White

While every app works slightly differently, here is a general overview of steps to whiten backgrounds:

1. Import the photo

Open the app and import the photo with the background to remove.

2. Mark foreground area

Use smart select, auto detect or manual tools to mark the main foreground subject.

3. Erase original background

Apps automatically remove marked backgrounds or provide eraser tools to manually eliminate.

4. Fill background white

Replace removed backdrop with pure white background via color fill tools.

5. Adjust and refine

Use additional tools to refine white edges and touch up eraser markings.

6. Save edited photo

Export the photo with the new white background to device storage or share instantly.

Key Features to Look for in Whitening Apps

Here are some handy features and capabilities to look for when choosing an Android app for converting backgrounds to white:

AI-Powered Selection

Intelligent algorithms that auto detect foregrounds make whitening faster.

Manual Selection Tools

Custom lasso, brush, and marker options to precisely control white background app.

Edge Refinement

Advanced smoothing and healing to polish rough white background edges.

Color Splash Effect

Selectively whitewash specific areas while keeping other colors intact.

Batch Processing

Ability to run background removal and whitening on multiple photos.

Real-time Preview

See white background applied live before finalizing edits.

Share Directly to Social

Export whitened images instantly to Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Whitening Photo Backgrounds on Android is Easy

With this list of top background whitening apps, Android users can quickly edit mobile photos to have clean white backdrops. Just download any of these handy tools for free from the Google Play Store. In a few taps, you can erase cluttered backgrounds and change them to pristine white even on your phone. Transforming distracting environments into studio-style white canvases makes a world of difference. Your product shots, portraits and any everyday photos get a professional boost!

So give your mobile shots an elevated look by using these Android apps to change backgrounds to brilliant white.

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