How to Right Click on a Mac

How to Right Click on a Mac
How to Right Click on a Mac

The right-click function is an essential part of operating a computer, allowing access to handy shortcuts and productivity tools. But Macs don’t come with a dedicated right-click button, which can frustrate new users. Thankfully, there are multiple easy ways how to right click on a Mac using your mouse, trackpad, or keyboard.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the various methods for right-clicking on a Mac using different devices. We’ll cover how to right click with a Magic Mouse, non-Apple mouse, MacBook trackpad, Force Touch trackpad, and Mac keyboard. Read on to learn how to enable the right-click function on your Apple computer or laptop.

Why Right-Click on a Mac?

Before jumping into the how-to, let’s discuss why right-clicking is useful on a Mac. The right-click opens up various options depending on the app you’re using. Here are some common uses for right-click on mac:

  • Copy and paste text or images
  • Edit text formatting like bold, italics, underlining
  • View file information like size, resolution, date modified
  • Rename files and folders
  • Open folder options to arrange icons, create new folders, etc.
  • Access spelling suggestions and word synonyms
  • And much more!

Right-clicking simply gives you quick access to useful features. It’s an essential function for efficiently operating your Mac. Now let’s look at how to enable it with different devices.

How to Right-Click with a Magic Mouse

The Magic Mouse is a popular Mac accessory, but it doesn’t have a visible right-click button. Thankfully, you can easily configure the right-click function in your Mac’s settings.

To enable right-clicking with a Magic Mouse:

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac
  2. Click on Mouse in the Hardware section
  3. Navigate to the Point & Click tab
  4. Check the box next to “Secondary click”
  5. Choose “Click on right side” from the drop-down menu

This assigns the right-click function to the right side of your Magic Mouse. Now you can right-click by clicking the right side of the mouse. It’s that easy!

You can also assign right-click to the left side for left-handed users. And if you experience any trouble getting the Magic Mouse to work properly, you may need to reset it or check for driver issues.

How to Right Click with Any Mouse on a Mac

If you have a non-Apple mouse with two buttons, you can simply right-click by pressing the right mouse button. If right-clicking doesn’t seem to work with a two-button mouse, try pressing and holding the Control key on your keyboard while you left-click. This will perform a right-click on a Mac.

You may also find that a non-Mac mouse scrolls in the opposite direction than you’re used to. You can change the scroll direction in Mouse settings to match your preference.

How to Right Click on a Mac Trackpad

Using the trackpad built into MacBooks is another great way to right-click. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Trackpad
  2. Select the Point & Click tab
  3. Tick the box for “Secondary click”
  4. Choose “Click with two fingers” from the drop-down menu

Now you can right-click anywhere on your Mac trackpad by tapping with two fingers. You can also assign right-click to the bottom corners of the trackpad if you prefer.

Adjust the tracking speed slider in Trackpad settings until scrolling and clicking feel comfortable. And explore the gestures menu to learn more trackpad shortcuts!

How to Right Click on a Force Touch Trackpad

Newer MacBooks have the Force Touch trackpad which detects pressure in addition to touch. It enables further click options:

  • Regular click: light press
  • Force click: deeper press for previewing files, etc.
  • Right-click: press and hold on trackpad

You can adjust the pressure needed to right-click by going to Trackpad settings > Point & Click and changing the “Click pressure” slider. Also turn off “Force Click and haptic feedback” if you want to disable Force clicks. The right-click function will still work with a press and hold.

How to Right Click Using a Mac Keyboard

If your mouse or trackpad isn’t working properly, you can still right-click using the keyboard:

  • Hold Control while clicking: Press and hold Control, then click with a trackpad or mouse.
  • Enable Mouse Keys: Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad and tick “Enable Mouse Keys”. Then use Fn + Control + I to right-click.

So in summary, there are many different ways to right-click on a Mac – you’re not limited to a single button! It’s easy to enable right-clicking with your pointing device or keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Right Click on a Mac

Here are answers to some common questions about right-clicking on an Apple computer:

How do you right-click on a Mac laptop?

Use two fingers to tap the built-in trackpad to right-click on a Mac laptop. You can enable this in Trackpad settings.

How do you right-click on a MacBook?

On a MacBook, go to System Preferences > Trackpad and choose “Click with two fingers” under Secondary click. Then two finger tap to right-click.

How do you right-click on a Magic Mouse?

In Mouse settings, assign a right-click to either the right or left side of a Magic Mouse. Then click the chosen side to right-click.

How do you right-click with a Mac mouse?

With an Apple Magic Mouse, enable a Secondary click in Mouse settings and choose a side to right-click. For non-Apple mice, press the right mouse button.

How do I right click on a Mac without a mouse?

On a Mac laptop without a mouse, use two fingers to tap the trackpad. Or use the Control + Click keyboard shortcut.

Can you right click on a Mac trackpad?

Yes, you can right-click on a Mac trackpad by going to Trackpad settings and enabling a Secondary click. Then two finger tap to right-click.

Does the Force Touch trackpad right click?

Yes, the latest Force Touch trackpads can right-click by pressing and holding on the surface. Adjust pressure sensitivity in Trackpad settings.

How do I left click on a Mac?

To left-click on a Mac, simply click the trackpad or mouse button as you normally would. One finger tap trackpad or single-click mouse button.


Right-clicking on a Mac is easy once you know how to enable it for your mouse, trackpad, or keyboard. While Apple has historically avoided right-click buttons, you have many options through System Preferences. Now you can right-click on Mac to access handy shortcuts and productivity tools. Enable this function on your Magic Mouse, Mac trackpad, or MacBook keyboard and enjoy the benefits. Right-clicking makes navigating your Mac faster and more efficient.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about right-clicking on an Apple computer or laptop! I’m happy to help Mac users master this useful skill.

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