Best Meme Photo Editor: How to Make Memes on iPhone & Android

Make Memes
Make Memes

Memes have become an integral part of internet culture. A meme can convey a joke, make a political statement, or spread joy with a funny photo or video. With the right photo editor app, anyone can easily make memes from their iPhone or Android device. This guide will cover the best meme-maker apps, how to find meme templates, add custom text, and make a meme video or GIF. Let’s get started making some hilarious memes!

What Makes a Great Meme Photo Editor

A good meme-maker app must make the meme-creation process quick and intuitive. Here are some key features to look for in a top-notch meme editor:

  • Huge library of templates: The best meme makers have tons of ready-made meme templates to choose from. This includes trending meme images and classics like Success Kid, Distracted Boyfriend, and Doge.
  • Add custom text: You need to be able to add your witty captions and text to make a meme your own. The app should allow resizing, repositioning, and formatting of the text.
  • Stickers, emojis, and effects: Some meme editors let you spice up your creations with stickers, emojis, filters, and other enhancements. This adds visual interest to your memes.
  • Drawing and annotation tools: Doodle on templates or annotate images with arrows, shapes, and text boxes. This opens up even more meme possibilities.
  • Video and GIF support: For more advanced meme makers, look for an app to turn video clips and photos into shareable meme GIFs and videos.
  • Share on social media: Easily export and share your memes on all major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more.

Now, look at some of the top meme photo editors for iOS and Android that check all the right boxes.

Best Meme Makers for iPhone & iPad

The iOS App Store has some great meme-creation apps. Here are some top picks:

1. Mematic

Mematic is one of the most popular free meme generators out there, with a huge collection of templates covering every meme genre. You can add text, stickers, emojis, and effects to templates or import your own photos to memes. Your memes can be shared directly or saved to your camera roll.

2. Meme Generator Free

From classics like Philosoraptor to trending memes like a woman yelling at a cat, Meme Generator Free has all the hot templates. Besides an expansive library, it offers many helpful editing tools for customizing text, applying filters, drawing, and more.

3. Meme Creator

Meme Creator makes it easy to turn photos on your iPhone into hilarious memes. Pick an image, overlay your text, adjust with pinch and drag gestures, and you’re done. The simple interface is great for quick, on-the-go meme creation.

4. Mematic – The Meme Maker

The official Mematic app has a neatly organized gallery of meme images, making it easy to find the perfect template. Handy editing features let you adjust text color, size, and position and add fun embellishments. The built-in social sharing is great for spreading memes fast.

5. Meme Factory

For tons of control over your meme text, check out Meme Factory. You can adjust each text line independently and set colors, outlines, transparency, rotations, and position with precision. There’s also a great effects toolbox for taking your memes to the next level.

Best Meme Photo Editors for Android

Android users also have some excellent meme-creation apps to choose from. Give these a try:

1. Meme Generator by Zombodroid

With a 4.5-star rating, Meme Generator lives up to its name with fast and easy meme creation. All the trending templates are here, with easy customization tools and sharing built into the app. You can also make memes from your camera photos.

2. Meme Creator by FocusBits

The Meme Creator app offers quick meme generation with an interface focused on text editing. Easily adjust the top and bottom lines’ text size, position, rotation, color, and borders. Pick from classics or import any photo to a meme.

3. Meme Maker

With handy editing features, Meme Maker makes it a breeze to spin up creative memes in seconds. You can adjust opacity, add borders, rotate, plant emojis, and overlay photos. The huge template gallery covers all the hottest memes.

4. Meme Generator by JKL Apps

With an ads-free design and clean interface, Meme Generator makes meme building pleasant. Handy quick edit buttons let you instantly center, re-size, and rotate text without hassle. Drawing tools add fun polish to any creation.

5. Memerator

As the name suggests, Memerator offers powerful tools for efficient meme generation. The two text lines can be resized and rotated independently. Apply color gradients, shadows, and templates like vintage to give memes impressive visual flair.

How to Find Great Meme Templates

You need an excellent base template to build upon to make a truly epic meme. All the apps above include great template selections right within the app. But there are also other ways to find fresh meme images if you need inspiration:

  • Search online: Run a Google Image search for a meme genre like “funny cat memes” or “memes 2024.” Filter to large images to get high quality.
  • Meme generator sites: Sites like Imgflip have huge meme template galleries where you can browse and download images.
  • Subreddits: Subreddits like r/memes and r/dankmemes are filled with examples of trending memes and formats.
  • Social media: Check out the hot memes on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If it’s buzzing, it’ll likely make a good template.
  • Online meme databases: Sites like KnowYourMeme have searchable databases explaining the origins and examples of popular memes.
  • Create your own: Turn any funny photo or screenshot into a custom meme template! Get creative.

With so many options, you’ll never run out of share-worthy meme formats and templates to build on.

How to Add Text to Memes

Once you have your base image, it’s time to add the witty text that transforms it into a hilarious meme. Here are some tips:

  • Pick the right font: The classic Impact font is best for bold, all-caps meme text. But play around with other fonts for variety.
  • Use concise text: Keep the top and bottom lines short, simple, and punchy. You want text that’s easy to read at a glance.
  • Make it funny: Channel your inner comedian! Aim for a funny play on words, jokes, or cultural references that packs a humorous punch.
  • Customize color: Make sure the text color stands out against the underlying image. White and black are classic.
  • Adjust size: Make the text big enough to read on first view easily. But don’t let it dominate and cover too much of the image.
  • Fine-tune position: Place text strategically so it works with the focus and composition of your meme image.
  • Add outlines: Black outlines help meme text stand out against busy backgrounds. Play with thickness and color.

With the right text, your meme can go from mild to spicy. Let your imagination run wild!

How to Turn Photos Into Memes

Beyond just using established meme templates, you can also make a meme from any fun photo with you or your friends. Here are some tips for meme-ifying photos:

  • Find a funny, reaction-shot photo: Look for photos with over-expressive or hilarious facial expressions that convey an emotion.
  • Crop it creatively: Zero in on just the most meme-worthy part of the photo for impact.
  • Add fitting text: Brainstorm text that matches the emotion of the facial expression in a funny way users can instantly get.
  • Utilize photo effects: Use your meme app’s filters, stickers, drawings, and text tools to enhance the humor.
  • Make a GIF: Turn your meme photo into an animated GIF using an app like GIPHY for extra viral potential.
  • Share with friends: Personalized memes with friends make for hilarious inside jokes when shared on social media or messaging apps.

Don’t be afraid to get silly and let those creative meme ideas flow! Turning life moments into DIY memes is so much fun.

How to Make a Meme Video

Beyond static images, some meme makers also let you create funny meme videos to share. Here are two options:

1. Use an App’s Video Features

Look for a meme maker with built-in video editing tools. For example, Mematic lets you upload video clips up to 20 seconds long. You can overlay text captions, swap in different meme audio tracks, and adjust speed to make a funny meme mashup video.

2. Use a Separate Video Editor

Apps like Inshot, Vizmato, CapCut, iMovie, or Kinemaster let you add text captions, effects, emojis, stickers, and more to video. Load up a trending meme sound or song, add your reactions, and export to make an epic meme video.

Pro Tip: Use screen recording apps to capture funny TikToks, YouTube clips, and other meme fodder to edit into your creations!

How to Make a Meme GIF

A well-crafted meme GIF can spread even faster across social media thanks to its eye-catching animation. To make your own:

  • Find an animated GIF: Search sites like Giphy and Tenor for funny reaction GIFs perfect for overlaying meme text.
  • Use an online meme GIF maker: Sites like Imgflip and MakeAGif let you add custom text to GIFs to create meme magic.
  • Use an app’s GIF features: Apps like GIPHY or Inshot have tools to add text, stickers, and drawings over GIFs you upload to create meme GIF mashups.
  • Add text to video: Make a meme video using an app like Byte, then convert it into an animated GIF with ImgPlay, GIPHY Cam, or other converter tools.
  • Be expressive: Capture a silly reaction selfie video or have a friend film you. Turn the clip into a GIF meme template!

With some creativity, the possibilities for making funny and shareable meme GIFs are endless!

Top Meme-Making Tips & Ideas

Here are some final tips and inspiration for leveling up your meme game:

  • Trendjack new memes: Keep an eye out for the latest trending meme formats and put your spin on them while the meme is hot.
  • Get topical: Local events, news stories, sports games, pop culture…all great timely fodder for memes.
  • Be self-deprecating: Relatable and humorous self-owns make for prize memes we can all connect with.
  • Use irony: Sarcastic memes and using formats in unexpected contradicting ways can be hilarious.
  • Find your niche: Focus on a niche like gaming memes, political memes, pop culture parodies…and become the best meme creator for your tribe.
  • Remix and iterate: Take an existing meme format and add a creative twist or meta-commentary. Remix culture fuels memes!
  • Go analog: Get inspired by browsing printed meme sticker packs and using traditional arts and crafts materials to mock up memes before digitizing.

The more comfortable you get applying your unique comedic voice to the meme formats blossoming across the internet, the better your memes will become. Never be afraid to get delightfully weird or push the boundaries of humor. After all, the most shareable memes take the template formula and give it an unexpected new spin.

So pull out your phone, open up those meme makers, and start creating! Whether just for laughs with friends or crafting the next viral sensation, making your memes is deeply rewarding. With the right creative spirit and these helpful tips, you’ll be pumping out dank memes like a pro. Get out there and use your strange brilliance to fill the internet with more laughter and light.

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