How to Enable Dark Mode for Google Docs on Desktop


Working long hours on documents and spreadsheets can put a strain on your eyes. That’s where dark mode comes in handy. Google Docs dark mode displays white text on a black background to create a more comfortable viewing experience, especially at night.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to easily enable dark mode for Google Docs on your Chrome browser using different methods.

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Why Use Dark Mode on Google Docs?


Here are some key benefits of switching Google Docs to dark mode:

  • Reduces eye strain: Staring at bright screens can cause eye discomfort. Dark mode creates less glare.
  • Easier to focus: The high contrast helps you concentrate better on your work.
  • Looks sleek: The clean dark theme has a modern, stylish appeal.
  • Saves battery life: Dark interfaces use less power, extending laptop battery life.
  • Prevents disturbances: Dark screens are less distracting if others are around.
As a writer, I find using Google Docs in dark mode really helps reduce eye fatigue during long editing sessions. The high contrast makes the text stand out beautifully.

So if you frequently work on Docs at night or simply want a more distraction-free editing experience, enabling dark mode for Google Docs is recommended. Let’s look at the different ways to do it on desktop Chrome.

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Use Google Docs Dark Theme

The simplest option is to toggle the built-in Google Docs dark mode setting:

Open Google Docs

Go to []( and open any document.

Click Settings

Click the settings gear icon at the top right.

Choose Themes

Select “Themes” from the menu.

Pick Dark Theme

Under “Document theme”, choose the “Dark” option.

Confirm Change

Click “OK” to apply the Google Docs dark theme.

That’s it! The dark background will make reading and editing documents much easier on your eyes. This also works for Google Sheets dark mode.

Change Chrome Theme to Dark

Rather than changing each Doc individually, you can enable a universal dark mode for Google Drive by switching Chrome’s theme:

Open Chrome Settings

Click the three-dot menu > Settings or navigate to chrome://settings in the address bar.

Click Appearance

Scroll down and click “Appearance” in the left menu.

Select Dark Theme

Under “Theme”, choose “Dark” from the dropdown menu.

Relaunch Chrome

Close all Chrome windows and relaunch for changes to take effect.

Now, all websites including Google Docs will automatically display in dark mode on Chrome. The dark browser keeps your eyes comfortable as you work.

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Use Extensions to Enable Dark Mode

There are also useful Chrome extensions that can force Google Docs dark mode:

1- Dark Reader


This free extension inverts brightness on any website. Install it, then toggle dark mode on/off for Google Docs.

2- Midnight Lizard


This extension delivers dark themes for websites lacking a native dark mode like Docs. Easy to customize.

3- Dark Mode


Adds a quick dark mode switch to Chrome for manually enabling dark view on Google Docs and other sites.

These extensions provide additional options to access dark mode Google Docs. Test different ones to find your perfect fit.

Adjust Dark Mode Settings on the Desktop

Once you have Google Docs in dark view, leverage these settings for the best experience:

Adjust Opacity

Many dark mode extensions let you adjust the opacity of dark elements. Increase to make the background inkier.

Customize Font and Icon Colors

Choose colors for text, icons, and highlights that stand out against the dark background.

Resize Text

Boost text size for enhanced readability against the darker backdrop.

Reduce Blue Light

Use the night lighting feature in Windows, Mac, or apps like f.lux to reduce blue light from dark screens.

Take Regular Breaks

Prolonged use of any screens can cause eye discomfort. Follow the 20-20-20 rule to regularly look away.

The dark mode extension made using Docs much easier on my eyes. I also enlarged the text and boosted contrast to maximize readability.

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Troubleshooting Dark Mode Issues

If you are having problems enabling or using dark mode on Google Docs, try these troubleshooting tips:

Disable Extensions Temporarily

Extensions causing conflicts can prevent dark mode from loading. Disable other add-ons and test.

Reload Docs Page

If applied theme doesn’t take effect, refresh the Docs tab or reopen the document.

Clear Cache

Clearing your browser cache and cookies can fix display issues with dark mode on websites.

Check for Updates

Make sure Chrome, extensions, and Docs app are updated to the latest versions to fix any bugs.

Adjust Compatibility Settings

Some websites may display oddly in dark mode. Adjust compatibility settings in your dark mode extension.

Consult Google Support

For persistent issues, search the Google Help Center or contact Docs customer support.


With Google Docs’ built-in dark theme, Chrome’s dark mode, and helpful browser extensions, you have several straightforward options to enable dark mode on Google Docs desktop view. Reducing the harsh glare from documents and spreadsheets makes working for long hours easier on your eyes.

Take advantage of dark backgrounds, adjust the contrast, scale up text size, and use night lighting to create the optimal dark environment. With a few simple tweaks from High Tech Information, you can enjoy seamless dark mode for smart Google Docs editing.

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