How to Draw in Google Docs like a Pro

How to Draw in Google Docs
How to Draw in Google Docs

Google Docs is an incredibly versatile tool. Most people use it for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. But did you know you can also use Google Docs for drawing? With the drawing features in Google Docs, you can easily create drawings, diagrams, sketches, and more right within your Docs files. Whether you just want to doodle or illustrate more complex drawings, Google Docs has you covered.

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to draw a drawing in Google Docs. I’ll cover how to draw a drawing from scratch, insert pre-made drawings from Google Drawings, and use the various drawing tools available. By the end, you’ll be able to draw how to draw like a pro in Google Docs!

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Getting Started with Drawing in Google Docs

To get started with drawing in Google Docs, open an existing Docs file or create a new one. Then, go to the Insert menu and select Drawing > New. This will open up a drawing canvas where you can create your masterpiece.

The drawing toolbar provides all the tools you need:

  • Shapes: Insert pre-made shapes like circles, squares, arrows, etc.
  • Lines: Draw straight lines or arrows.
  • Text: Add text boxes and Word Art.
  • Images: Insert photos and clipart.
  • Scribble: Freehand drawing tool for doodling.
  • Actions: Additional options like Flip, Copy, Paste, etc.

Once you’re happy with your drawing, click “Save and Close” to insert it into your Doc. Now let’s look at how to utilize these tools.

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Drawing Shapes, Lines and Text

The Shapes tool allows you to insert various pre-made shapes into your drawing. Click the Shapes icon and you’ll see options like rectangles, circles, arrows, pentagons, and more. To draw a shape, click the one you want, then click and drag on the canvas to size it. You can layer multiple shapes to create complex diagrams.

The Lines tool lets you draw straight lines and arrows. Select it, then click and drag to draw a line. You can combine lines and shapes to create flow charts, designs, borders, and other illustrations.

The Text tool inserts text boxes and Word Art. Text boxes let you type text directly into your drawing. With Word Art, you can type text in different styles and formats for more creative effects.

Doodling with the Scribble Tool

One of the handiest drawing tools in Google Docs is the Scribble tool. This allows you to make freehand drawings just by clicking and dragging your mouse. It’s perfect for doodling or creating hand-drawn style sketches.

To use the Scribble tool:

  1. Select Scribble from the toolbar.
  2. Choose a line thickness and color.
  3. Click and drag your mouse to draw sketch lines.
  4. Use the Eraser to fix mistakes.

With practice, you can draw how to draw just about anything with the Scribble tool. And because it’s vector-based, your drawings will remain crisp and clear at any size.

Inserting Images and Clip Art

In addition to drawing original artwork, you can also spice up your Google Docs drawings using imported visuals. The Image tool allows you to choose photos from your computer or Google Drive to place into your drawing. Drag and resize the images as needed.

Alternatively, you can add some quick clipart using the Clip Art option. Google Docs has a collection of free clipart you can insert and customize.
Images and clipart are great for illustrating concepts or enhancing existing drawings.

Advanced Drawing with Google Drawings

While you can create simple drawings directly in Google Docs, for more advanced illustrations, it’s best to use Google Drawings. Google Drawings is a dedicated drawing app, part of Google Workspace. It has additional capabilities not available in Google Docs, like:

  • More shape, line, and arrow types
  • Diagram and flowchart templates
  • Advanced image editing tools
  • Layering of objects
  • Grouping and arranging of objects

To use Google Drawings:

  • Open a new Google Drawing from your Google Drive.
  • Create your drawing with the advanced tools.
  • Once finished, go back to your Google Doc.
  • Click Insert > Drawing > From Drive and select your finished drawing to insert it.

This enables you to make complex drawings, diagrams, maps, plans, and more. You can edit the drawing later and it will update automatically in your Google Doc because it’s linked.

Handy Drawing Tips for Google Docs

Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you master drawing in Google Docs:

  • Use the scribble tool to quickly doodle or brainstorm ideas.
  • Start with simple shapes, then add lines and text for more detail.
  • Right-click objects to access options like copy, cut, bring forward, send backward, etc.
  • Hold Shift while drawing lines or shapes to lock them to 15-degree angles.
  • Use Snapping to connect objects neatly.
  • Duplicate objects with Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V or right-click Copy/Paste.
  • Layer objects and use Send to Back/Bring to Front for depth.
  • Change fill color, line color and line thickness to customize drawings.
  • Group related objects so they move together as one unit.
  • Align and evenly distribute objects for organized layouts.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create elegant and professional-looking drawings directly in Google Docs.

Inserting Your Drawings into Google Docs

Once you’ve created your masterpiece in the Google Docs drawing tool or Google Drawings, inserting it into your Doc is simple. When you’re finished with your drawing, click “Save and Close” to insert it into the Doc. It will appear at the cursor location.

Alternatively, you can go to Insert > Drawing > From Drive to pick a specific Google Drawing file to insert. This method links the drawing so that if you edit the original, changes will be reflected in your Doc. Drawings can be copied/pasted between Docs as well. And resizing them is easy – just click and drag the resize handles that appear around the drawing when selected.

With the powerful drawing capabilities built right into Google Docs, you can easily illustrate your documents, presentations, notes, and more. Whether you just want to add some quick doodles and sketches or create complex diagrams and visuals, you have all the tools you need to draw on Google Docs right at your fingertips!

So next time you’re creating a Google Doc, don’t just type boring text – spice it up by learning how to draw with Google Docs! Your documents will leap off the page and your creativity will shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drawing in Google Docs

Can I draw freehand in Google Docs?

No, there isn’t a dedicated freehand drawing tool. But you can simulate freehand drawing using the scribble tool. Select it and sketch lines by clicking and dragging your mouse.

How do I draw on top of text or images?

Objects added later will appear on top of existing objects. So insert your text and images first, then add your drawing over them. You can also right-click objects and use Send to Back/Bring to Front to adjust layering.

What’s the difference between Google Drawings and Google Docs drawing?

Google Drawings is a standalone drawing app with more advanced tools. Google Docs has basic drawing capabilities built-in. Drawings made in Google Drawings can be inserted into Google Docs.

Can I use a stylus or drawing tablet with Google Docs?

Yes, you can use a stylus or drawing tablet like Wacom to draw in Google Docs. This offers a more natural freehand drawing experience.

Is there an erase tool for fixing mistakes in my drawings?

Yes! Select the eraser tool and click or drag across any parts of your drawing you want to erase. You can adjust the size of the eraser too.

How do I select, move, and resize drawings in Google Docs?

Click on a drawing to select it, then drag it to move. Drag the round handles on the sides and corners to resize proportionally. Or drag an edge/side to stretch and distort the drawing.

I hope this comprehensive guide has helped you learn all about how to draw in Google Docs! With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create amazing drawings and illustrations to enhance your documents. So go ahead – grab your digital pens and start doodling!

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